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The EMD Tight Oil and Gas Committee (formerly the Shale Gas & Liquids and Tight Gas Sands Committees) provides AAPG members with an outlet for technical information related to shale oil and gas as well as associated condensate resources and produces annual reports summarizing current information on the largest developed and developing plays in U.S. and international basins. Tight oil and gas or “shale” resources have been the focus of extensive development over the past 15+ years due to improvements in engineering, stimulation technology, recovery, and the abundance of reservoirs. International interests in developing unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs continue to grow, with active exploration projects on most continents, but most of the successful development of and production from shales continues to be in North America. The success of shale liquid plays in the Permian Basin and the Bakken and Eagle Ford Shales have led to a reversal in U.S. oil production after 20 years of decline.

Committee Leadership: One chair and two vice-chairs, with one representative each from the following groups: industry, academia and government. The committee leadership will be responsible for holding committee meetings (twice annually or more often as needed) with either the chair or a designated vice-chair leading those meetings. Other general duties include recruiting new leadership, advisors and contributors. Chair: prepare annual report for EMD, participate in EMD leadership calls; solicit commodity report contributions and compile and edit report summaries; other duties as assigned by EMD leadership. Vice-chairs: assist with annual and commodity reports as needed; stand-in for the chair at leadership or other call-ins/meetings when the chair is unavailable; assist with other committee business as needed.

The duties of committee vice-chairs are mainly to help the committee chair conduct the work of the committee, which includes preparing an annual report for EMD, compiling summaries from contributors to the annual commodity report, updating information on the committee webpage, and otherwise providing opportunities for EMD and AAPG membership to learn about the status of tight oil and gas resources through special sessions at conferences, contributions to AAPG publications, and other outlets like webinars, field trips, and training courses.

Advisory Group: Consists of previous TOG chairs, vice-chairs or other knowledgeable EMD members. Reports to and advises the TOG chair. Duties: Recommend changes to commodity report priorities and content (basins/plays covered, information provided in reports, etc.); assist with developing TOG outreach (conference sessions, special issues of AAPG pubs); assist with recruiting contributors and potential committee leaders; attend TOG committee meetings.

Committee Members: All commodity report contributors will be considered committee members. Additional members can be added to undertake specific tasks, including developing conference sessions, providing training opportunities, recruiting speakers for webinars, incorporating new commodity ideas for reporting on tight oil and gas resources (geothermal, brine products, other development technologies related to tight oil and gas plays). Duties: contribute to annual and commodity reports; participate in and help develop other EMD-TOG activities; attend TOG committee meetings.

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