EMD Tight Oil & Gas Committee Annual Reports

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What the Reports are and a general process for the creation?

The tight oil and gas (TOG) technical committee created a written report (PDF) annually, focusing on new developments, play concepts, and updates relevant to production, technical advancement, and new drilling activities in each domestic and international TOG basin. Important information such as geologic background, key figures/diagrams, references, and numbers related to production were also summarized in an excel spreadsheet using a consistent format.

The report was written by a number of experts (contributors) from industry, academia, state agencies, and federal governments. The committee chair gathers the report from each contributor, review the content, and then he/she prepares a one-page summary covering committee’s activities during the fiscal year. The content includes but not limit to the development and production of tight oil and gas (TOG) plays, method of reporting, and recognition of all committee members’ roles and work.

Why the Reports are created?

According to AAPG Energy Minerals Division (EMD) procedures manual, supplemental to the EMD Bylaws, each technical committee shall select their preferred reporting mechanism for distribution of information related to their topic on an annual basis.

Options for reporting include:

  • (a) traditional review of global activity related to the committee’s area of interest, which is prepared as a PDF, posted to the division web page, and shared via Search and Discovery;
  • (b) technical session focused on the committee’s area of interest at an annual, region or section meeting of the AAPG;
  • (c) technical paper presented at an oral or poster session of an AAPG meeting, with slide deck published on Search and Discovery;
  • (d) topical article published in the AAPG Explorer;
  • (e) technical research article published in the AAPG Bulletin;
  • (f) special issue of the AAPG Bulletin or Memoir; and
  • (g) other unique or innovative reporting ideas.

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