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The Energy Minerals Division (EMD) is one of three divisions of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the largest professional association of geoscientists in the world. Organized in 1977, EMD serves as an international forum for those working in the exploration, development, and production of energy sources other than conventional oil and natural gas.

The purpose of EMD is to serve AAPG members by advancing the science of economic geology as it relates to common energy resources (such as uranium (nuclear minerals), coal and lignite (carbon minerals), geothermal energy (hot water), and to the unconventional hydrocarbons (including coal-bed methane, gas hydrates, shale gas & liquids, oil shale, and oil sands), and more recently to renewable energy resources (wind, solar, tidal, etc). To this mix has been added the associated technical resources on energy economics and technology.

EMD members actively participate in the society by helping to organize or support local society meetings, regional, national or international meetings, symposia, workshops, short courses, and field trips, and by publishing in the AAPG Bulletin, the AAPG EXPLORER, in EMD memoirs and special publications and in the EMD-supported journal, Natural Resources Research, and the DEG journal, Environmental Geosciences. EMD also provides a forum for addressing the sciences involved and in the associated economics involved in developing the commodities to promote the integration of geoscientific knowledge with those in related professions and activities.

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