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A stub is a short article that was created only as a starting point for a full article. At the very least, a stub should provide a basic definition. Better yet is to provide links to other articles in the wiki, further reading elsewhere, and perhaps a helpful illustration.

You can substantially improve AAPG Wiki by building stubs into fuller articles. Very short stubs should be either built upon or deleted — if there is no real content, then links to the article should be red links.

You can see a list of all the stub articles in this wiki in Category:Stubs.

Example code to start a stub

Here is a suggested framework for starting a stub article. You can copy and paste this into your stub article to get you started.

'''Introductory or definition''' material goes here. The name of the article should appear close to the start, and in bold. 

==See also==
* List other articles that are related to this one. 

==External links==
* List other sites on the Internet that might help the reader find out more. 


<!-- add categories too, e.g. [[Category:Wellsite geology]] -->