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  • Math is handled by the LaTeX typesetting system
  • Don’t use equation numbers
  • Indent block equations with a colon (see examples below)
  • The Mediawiki software renders PNG images for all equations


Example short equation:

: <math> E = mc^2 </math>

renders like this:

Here's Ferguson & Church (2004[1]) version of the Stokes equation:

:<math>w = \frac{R g D^2}{C_1 \nu + \sqrt{0.75\,C_2\, R g D^3}}</math>


  • Constants and names or label are roman (i.e. upright, not italic): VP. Use \mathrm{P} in LaTeX math.
  • Pi, e, the differential d, and lots of other symbols are usually roman
  • Variables are italic (the default character style in LaTeX math)
  • Vectors are roman and bold (use \mathbf{} — it's best to avoid \vec{}, which uses the arrow notation)
  • Use the built-in LaTeX functions for \sin, \log, etc.

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  1. Ferguson, R. and Church, M. (2004) A simple universal equation for grain settling velocity. Journal of Sedimentary Research 74, 933–937.