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Before you start

  • Before you can edit pages in AAPG Wiki, you need an account. If you already have one, please log in. If you do not, you can create an account
  • If you are new to wiki editing, you may like to explore the Help and get familiar with editing pages.
  • So that other users of the wiki can get to know you, why not tell a bit about yourself on your userpage. Here's an example of another user's page.

Wiki tutorial

  • Here is a comprehensive basic tutorial for the beginner.

Help improve the content

  • Please fix typos and factual errors as you read.
  • Please create internal and external links in articles, where needed.
  • Add or remove categories from articles to make things easier to find. You might like the HotCat gadget, which you can turn on in Preferences > Gadgets.
  • Create redirects to articles to handle similar names for things, e.g. GR, Gamma ray, GR log should all point to Gamma-ray log.
  • If you know LaTeX (or even if you don't), please do add or fix equations
  • References should all be in-line. Please cite liberally, and add references in ref tags.[1] Don't forget to add the references section and call to {{reflist}} at the end of the article.

Build new content

  • You can see 'requested pages' (non-existent articles with a lot of red links) on Special:WantedPages
  • The best way to start a new page is to make a link to it, then follow the red link to create the article. Please don't create articles with no links to them.
  • Article names must use 'sentence case' — only use uppercase for the first word and proper names.
  • If you create a short article, please add the {{stub}} template at the end of the article.
  • Don't forget to add your new article to at least one category.

Practice your skills

The best place to practice is in your Sandbox. Copy and paste this code to get you started:

This is my sandbox page. 

==Testing images==

==Testing math==

<math> E = mc^2 \ </math>

Tables work right out of the box!

 {| class="wikitable"
! header 1
! header 2
! header 3
| row 1, cell 1
| row 1, cell 2
| row 1, cell 3
| row 2, cell 1
| row 2, cell 2
| row 2, cell 3

==Other stuff==
Cite is done!<ref>[ so this should work]</ref>



  1. Like this, with links and DOIs.

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