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Global sea level changes (eustacy) are cyclic phenomena. Six orders of sea level cycles are recognized from stratigraphic evidence.[1] Third-, fourth-, and fifth-order sea level cycles model sequence deposition for petroleum exploration. A third-order sequence is a composite of fourth- and fifth-order sequences.

The table below shows sea level cycle frequencies, thickness ranges, and stratigraphic names for third-, fourth-, and fifth-order sequences.

Sequence order Cycle frequency, m.y. Thickness, m Stratigraphic name
Third 0.5–5 100–1000 Sequence
Fourth 0.1–0.5 1–10 Parasequence
Fifth 0.01–0.1 1–10 Parasequence

Superimposition of cycles

Figure 1 Composite curve created by adding third-, fourth-, and fifth-order cycles together. From Van Wagoner et al.;[1] courtesy AAPG.

Several frequencies, representing different orders of sea level cycles, are superimposed on one another to make a composite sea level cycle curve. For stratigraphic trap exploration, cycles that impact trap location are usually third-, fourth-, and fifth-order sea level cycles. Figure 1 shows how adding third-, fourth-, and fifth-order cycles together will produce a composite curve.

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