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Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps
Series Treatise in Petroleum Geology
Part Predicting the occurrence of oil and gas traps
Chapter Exploring for structural traps
Author R.A. Nelson, T.L. Patton, S. Serra
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Determining the tectonic setting

The play concept envisioned is determined by the tectonic setting(s) in which the play can be pursued, from a structural as well as source and reservoir perspective. We identify regions with the correct tectonic setting by using the following data sources:

  • Published geological studies
  • Plate reconstructions and motions
  • Tectonic maps
  • Paleomagnetic data
  • Satellite images

Assessing the area

Once regions with the appropriate tectonic setting are identified, we determine if these areas have the appropriate components to satisfy the requirements established for the play concept. Examples of issues of structure and tectonics which might be addressed include the following:

  • Kinematics (e.g., oblique vs. orthogonal convergence)
  • Significant changes in kinematics with time (e.g., episodic vs. continuous tectonic events)
  • Duration of tectonism
  • Major tectonostratigraphic terranes
  • Overall complexity of the deformed belt
  • Igneous activity

We then examine more closely those regions that meet the play concept criteria to determine if specific structural domains exist within these settings where we can pursue the structural play concept.

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