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Here is a comprehensive guide to help you learn the ropes of creating and editing pages in AAPG Wiki. This tutorial is aimed at beginners. You can experiment with what you've learned in your Sandbox.


Why we need you[edit]

While we have many article on the wiki, there are still many more that need to be written, updated, or improved! Any page that has a red link needs an article. Articles classified as a {{stub}} needs more in-depth information: This article is a stub. You can help AAPG Wiki by expanding it.

Where to start[edit]

Basics of wikitext[edit]

The markup language for all mediawiki sites is called "wikitext." It is a bit different from HTML, but the principle is similar. Quick guide to wikitext


  • Link to pages in the wiki with double brackets:
[[Carbonate reservoir models: facies, diagenesis, and flow characterization]]
becomes Carbonate reservoir models: facies, diagenesis, and flow characterization
  • If the page you want to link to doesn't match the text you want to link with, add a pipe after the page name with the text you want:
[[Carbonate reservoir models: facies, diagenesis, and flow characterization|Carbonate diagenesis]]
becomes Carbonate diagenesis
  • To link to a subheading of an existing page, add a # between the page name and the subheading:
[[Carbonate reservoir models: facies, diagenesis, and flow characterization#Carbonate reservoir models|Carbonate reservoir models]]
becomes Carbonate reservoir models
  • Link to external sources with one bracket, followed by the url, a space, and the text you want displayed:
[ Carbonate]
becomes Carbonate
  • Please do not add links to section headings, references, or figure captions.


  • To insert an image into an article, you must first download the image to your computer and then hit Upload file (in lefthand menu). Once the file is uploaded, click the picture icon in the wikitext menu of the article you are working on. This will open a dialog box that will prompt you for more information. Enter the filename of the image you uploaded, and a caption. The default setting are to display the image as a thumbnail, on the right side of the page. Your wikitext will look like this:
[[file:PinedaleFieldLandRig.png|thumb|Figure 1. Pine Dale Field Land Rig]]
and come out looking like this:
Figure 1. Pine Dale Field Land Rig
  • To link an in-text reference to the corresponding figure, add a colon (:) before "file" and the text you wish to appear after the pipe (|):
[[:file:PinedaleFieldLandRig.png|Figure 1]]
becomes Figure 1

References & Citations[edit]

  • References are a little more complicated. All reference consist of a citation and an actual reference. The citation is a tag that contains a shorthand form of the reference, and is followed, on first use in an article, by the completed reference.
  • AAPG Wiki uses the Chicago Manual of Style and/or the AAPG house style for references.

Creating a reference[edit]

  • First citation in article:
Doe<ref name=Doe_1986>Doe, J., 1986, The birth of rock: AAPG Memoir 42, 27 p.</ref>
becomes Doe[1]
  • Subsequent citations:
Doe<ref name=Doe_1986 />
will automatically create a footnote marker that will link to the original reference: Doe[1]
  • If there aren’t any references in the page, you need to create a template for a reference list:
which will make a Reference list that you put at the bottom of the page (where you would look for this reference list, as well)


There are several ways to search within the wiki.

  • You can use the search box in the upper right-hand corner. You can search for the name of an article, or any term that appears in an article.
  • Within any article, you can use CTRL (or CMD) + F and search for a term in that article.

Tables and Equations[edit]

Tables and equations are fairly complicated. This is a very brief rundown. For a more thorough explanation, see Wikipedia's Help pages on formulas and tables.


You can create tables manually or using the editing toolbar. By clicking the "Advanced" button, you'll get a drop down table that include, on the far right, a table. The default settings will cause this to appear in wikitext:

{| class="wikitable"
|+Table 1.
! Header text 1 || Header text 2 || Header text 3
| Example 1 || Example 2 || Example 3
| Example A || Example B || Example C
| Example ! || Example @ || Example # 

which will look like this:

Table 1.
Header text 1 Header text 2 Header text 3
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Example A Example B Example C
Example ! Example @ Example #


  • Equations use the LaTex markup language, and are always bounded by <math> and </math> tags. A simple equation will be written much as it appears:
<math>A + B = C</math>

will appear as

  • Equations that include text are set off by the \text tag, with the desired text set within {brackets}. It's the difference between:
  • Other important functions can include ^ or _ for sub- or superscript, \times and \minus or - for multiplication and subtraction, and \sum for a summation. A typical equation might look like this in wikitext
<math>\text{Hydrocarbon tilt} = \rho_w/(\rho_w - \rho_h) \times \text{potentiometric gradient}</math>
and come out looking like this:
  • More examples:
From Calculating oil volume in place:
<math>\text{OOIP} = \frac{7758 \times \text{A} \times \text{h} \times \Phi \times (1 - \text{S}_\text{w})}{\text{B}_\text{oi}}</math>
From Variability:
<math>s^2 = \frac{\sum (X - \bar{x})^2}{n}</math>

Tips and tricks[edit]


Thinking about editing a page? Take a look at the Discussion tab at the top left hand side of the page. See if others have already discussed your concern, or start a discussion yourself. This will help prevent "edit wars," where editors continually make and revert the same few changes over and over, and help editors come to a consensus about what changes, if any, need to be made.

Still confused?[edit]

Want to write an article, or make a change, but can't get a handle on the wikitext? No problem. We'd still love your input. Here's a few more ways to submit articles:

  • copy and paste your plain text into the article. An editor will come through and format it for you.
  • send a word document or other version of the article to [email protected] and an administrator will post & format the article.


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