Geometrical analysis

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Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps
Series Treatise in Petroleum Geology
Part Predicting the occurrence of oil and gas traps
Chapter Exploring for stratigraphic traps
Author John C. Dolson, Mike S. Bahorich, Rick C. Tobin, Edward A. Beaumont, Louis J. Terlikoski, Michael L. Hendricks
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The first step in stratigraphic trap exploration is a geometrical analysis of stratigraphic components of the basin fill. A geometrical analysis consists of (1) dividing the stratigraphic section into depositional sequences, systems tracts, and parasequences and (2) mapping their thicknesses. Correlation surfaces that are genetically significant, such as unconformities, divide the stratigraphic section.

The articles in the See Also section discuss procedures and give examples of geometrical analysis.

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